Our company was setup in 1974 as a joint-venture company comprising of Malaysian bumiputra company, SPK and a well known London Lloyds broker called CT Bowring.

In 1980, CT Bowring was later acquired by Marsh & McLennan and as a result of that acquisition, our company¡¯s name was changed to SPK Bowring Marsh & McLennan.

In 1999, the name was again changed to SPK Marsh & McLennan in view of the cessation of the name of Bowring in London. In the same year, Marsh & McLennan acquired another insurance broking company, Johnson & Higgins Worldwide who happens to have a local office in Malaysia.

As a result of this latest acquisition by Marsh, the local shareholders of our company decided to buy out the equity of Marsh & McLennan, thus creating a totally Malaysian owned insurance broking company and changed its name to SPK Insurance Brokers.

In 2003, SPK disposed its shareholding in the company and our name was changed to SP&G insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd.