• Assign experienced and specialized team to review and analyze risk profile.
  • Assist to identify and determine the exact nature and scope of risk.
  • Advise on the allocation of risks identified, availability and likely costs of insurance.
  • Advice on contractual risk transfer in relation to insurability of risks.
  • Assist in insurance negotiation with third parties, if required.
  • Review any existing insurance programs and recommend modifications/enhancements, where necessary.
  • Prepare insurance proposals.
  • Assist in drafting of insurance clauses in relevant contracts, agreements and information memorandums.
  • Meet and discuss with clients on insurance proposals. 
  • Design and formulate a customized insurance package, including tailor made policy wordings.
  • Obtain appropriate competitively priced insurance coverage locally, and if required, internationally.
  • Review existing insurance program periodically.
  • Provide insurance market updates as well as work closely with the client's growth plans.
  • Provide an immediate and personalized attention to the client.
  • Design of claims notification and settlement procedures.
  • Prepare insurance summaries and insurance claims manual.
  • Administer and handle all claims processing.
  • Liaise with adjusters on claims reports.
  • Arrangement of visits by leading insurers and reinsurers.
  • Provide training for in-house personnel on insurance matters.
  • Arrange for professionalí»s risks management teams on Loss Control other specific risk management.
  • Among the loss control and risk management services are as follows:

    1. Property Protection
    2. Business Interruption/Operational Continuity
    3. Occupational Health & Safety
    4. Product Liability
    5. Security